The Best Liquid Lipsticks?

We all know the struggle of trying to find the perfect liquid lipstick formula that ticks all the boxes. Does it smear, is it quick drying, is it pigmented, is it drying on the lips? With every company coming out with their versions of liquid lips, it’s hard to figure out the best formula for you.

Last year I was lucky enough to get to work with the brand LASplash Cosmetics from Los Angeles at IMATs Sydney. I worked at their stall selling their new products for 2017 including their multiple liquid lipstick ranges. Here is your ultimate guide to their collections and my review on each colour and lipstick formula.

First, a little background info on the company. The makeup line was founded by Kathi Bazler and her daughter Brianna and their aim is to create incredibly colourful and high quality cosmetics products for all makeup lovers out there. They ship to over 40 countries around the world and are coming out with new products constantly including eyeshadows, glitters, glosses and brow pomades.


Photo by LASplash

Now onto the lip swatches! The first collection I fell in love with was the Dia De Los Muertos Collection, which includes 6 incredibly pigmented metallic liquid lips. Each lipstick is $16USD or you can buy the whole collection for $96USD.

The formula is lightweight, while packing a shiny, pigmented punch. For those that love interesting colours, this is definitely the collection for you. I’ll be rating all the colours and collections as a whole out of 10.

Above is the first colour, La Bella Muerte which is a blue/green/brown metallic colour that reminds me a lot of M.A.C’s blue-brown pigment. I give this a 6/10, the colour takes about two swipes to get full pigmentation. Overall this isn’t a colour I’d wear every day but when I want to be edgy, I’m all about this colour.

This colour here is the nude of the bunch, Milagros. A true nude brown is a nice neutral that would pair well with cool toned eye makeup. This colour only needs one swipe of colour for full pigmentation although it can get a little drying so I give it a 7/10.

Now this colour, El Beso gives you total electric pumpkin vibes. It is a gorgeous metallic pumpkin colour that takes one swipe for complete coverage. This colour gets an 9/10 for it’s non-drying formula and vibrant colour.

If you’re a more classic red/pink girl then Los Novios is for you. This colour looks incredible with little to no eye makeup with big fluffy lashes. This colour takes about two coats for full coverage but it’s relatively non drying so it gets an 8/10.

Now onto my favourite colour of the collection, El Catrin. This colour is the most gorgeous metallic red with a purple reflex. It takes one to two coats for full lip coverage and looks gorgeous with big, dramatic lashes. Definitely one of the least drying of the bunch and overall, the easiest colour to wear so it gets a 10/10.

Now for the brightest colour of the collection Frida, this bright orange colour takes about two coats to reach full coverage and is a little bit drying. It’s the truest red of the bunch and one of the least metallic colours so this gets 6/10


From right to left: La Belle Muerte, Milagros, El Beso, Los Novios, El Catrin, Frida


The next collection is the StudioShine Lip Lustre which is a collection dedicated to those of us that love shimmer. Upon first application, these lipsticks seem like regular matte liquid lips however after they’ve dried they contain micro-shimmer which give a beautiful look to the lips but cause the product to be more drying.

This colour here is a beauty guru’s dream, Hestia (Belle) is a soft nude pink with gold shimmer that applies beautifully with one coat. It is definitely more drying than the other collections but the small doe foot applicator allows for an even application so I rate it a 6/10.

The colour Lady is my least favourite colour, due to it’s patchiness. The micro-glitter means that the bold colour takes up to 3 coats to get full coverage which can lead to a more drying wear so it gets a 4/10.


Right to left: Hestia, Lady

The next collection is the Velvetmatte Liquid Lipstick which is a reformulated version of the original lip couture liquid lipsticks, infused with Vitamin E for a more comfortable feel. All the colours swatched are from the ‘Hello Sugar’ collection.

Now I’m not sure where my product photo is of this colour Flix n Chill but this is a gorgeous purplish nude that’s at full opacity in one coat. I love the packaging of these liquid lips, with floral printed lids so this gets a 9/10.



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